We believe you'll love living in the Barbican - here's why:  

Peace and quiet in the Barbican:
The Barbican Estate is very quiet and peaceful, partly because the roads are buried underneath, and partly because Barbican is a non-touristy part of town. 
At the weekends, the streets are virtually deserted.

Good noise-insulation in the Barbican:
As the Barbican flats are all predominantly made of concrete it makes noise insulation as good as it gets for a community living so close together.

Ease of living in the Barbican:
There are car park attendants in all the car parks, within easy reach of any flat – taking in parcels from Amazon, getting you a spare key when you come home and find you have mislaid your key. 
There are porters 24-7 in the three main Barbican towers. 
There is the Barbican Estate Office during the day. 
Your rubbish is picked up from outside your flat door every week day. 
There is underfloor heating throughout the flat.

Cars in the Barbican kept out of sight
One of the acts of brilliance of the Barbican’s architects was to put car parks at street level and to build the Barbican estate above it. As a result, once you are in the Barbican, you are almost unaware of the traffic which passes underneath. Podium level in the Barbican is simply ground level to you. There are walkways between some buildings and right round the Barbican estate at this level. They are reassuring links between buildings.

Barbican flats’ special windows
In many Barbican flats there are wall to wall, floor to ceiling, sliding windows in the living rooms, leading out onto a balcony. Just to repeat, that is one entire wall of windows. Where could you find that other than in the Barbican? 

Waitrose, M&S, Tesco’s & Whitecross food market
Waitrose, Tesco’s and Whitecross St food market are right next to the Barbican estate. M&S is close by. 

Links from Barbican to everywhere
If you are going overseas, there is Liverpool Street station for Stansted and St Pancras for Eurostar, each just two Tube stops away from the Barbican  estate. (You may travel further afield but you’ll always look forward to coming back to the Barbican .)

Security in the Barbican estate
The Barbican estate was built like a castle, with castle walls; and that seems actually to deter the nastier elements of the outside world. You can walk round the Barbican Estate late at night and feel safe.

The Barbican theatre, the concert hall, the cinemas
We actually have a theatre, a world class concert hall, and three cinemas right on our Barbican doorstep. You literally don’t have to take your slippers off. (Dressing gowns and pyjamas are generally frowned on in the concert hall though.) There’s even a church inside the Barbican estate.

The Barbican gardens and the lake
The residents’ gardens are very natural with lots of trees and bushes. The gardens and much of the lakeside are for Barbican residents only and you will have a key. Other estates probably have their own gardens … but a lake? … with a waterfall? … and water fowl?

In the summer, at the weekends, the Barbican gardens are popular with residents lying out on the grass, reading books, and enjoying the sunshine. In the summer evenings, there are candle-lit dinners on rugs. On week days, there are always the yoga enthusiasts. Otherwise, there are the squirrels and the foxes, which you can see in the early mornings.

Barbican restaurants and bars
If you want restaurants or bars, there is Smithfield, Clerkenwell and the City itself, virtually on the Barbican’s doorstep. You really do get some of the best restaurants in the whole of London in this part of town. In Clerkenwell, bars and restaurants have to be good to survive and they have to provide a good service to attract repeat customers. So the Barbican area has become full of ‘quality’ affordable restaurants.

Gyms and swimming pools near the Barbican 
There is a massive Virgin Health Club tucked in under John Trundle Court in the Barbican estate itself, with a public swimming pool. Barbican residents can also use the swimming pool in the Golden Lane Estate, the Barbican estate’s older sister, next door.

The Barbican is great for ‘buy to let’
If you are thinking of buying a Barbican flat as an investment property which you can let out, you’ve got the right idea. These are some of the reasons for favoring a Barbican  flat for investment.

Lock up and leave
There is nothing to fuss about with the Barbican Estate. It all just works effortlessly.

The Barbican Estate Office as back up
The Barbican Estate Office keep a spare key for your flat, if you want, and they can give access to anyone you authorize to go round, either to view it or do any works.

Tenants like Barbican flats
Lots of prospective tenants specifically want to find flats in the Barbican to live in.